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First Snow by Bomi Park

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First Snow is a completely, utterly, absolutely, amazingly gorgeous and sweet little book. I love the artwork. Its mostly black and white with a hint of red in the scarves and mittens. The drawings are soft and dramatic. Most of the story is told through pictures rather than words. Its a charming story of a little girl celebrating the first snow fall by leaving her house, rolling a large ball of snow towards a field where a lot of kids are building snowmen. There are very few words that make up the story and some words are repeated. This is probably a good bed time story book for younger children in winter who love art. I wouldn’t recommend it for storytime with larger groups of children unless you have a larger copy of the book specifically for storytime since the artwork is detailed and pulls the story along. A good section of the book is just artwork and no words. Bomi Park is a South Korean artist and First Snow is her debut book. She is the writer and illustrator.

Image result for first snow bomi park

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