Reading Challenges

Wild Goose Challenge


The Wild Goose Challenge from The Bookshelf Gargoyle also appealed to me because of the connected keywords. This one might be difficult for me to do using only my TBR pile but I’ll give it a go anyway. I’ll post links to my book reviews here after I finish reading them.

Here are the categories for this challenge:

1. A book with a word of phrase relating to wildness in the title – any interpretation of the word “wild” is acceptable:

2. A book with a species of bird (or the word “bird”) in the title:

3. A book with an exotic or far-flung location in the title – fantasy and mythical locations are acceptable:

4.  A book with an object you might hunt for in the title:

5. A book with a synonym for chase in the title (or its derivatives: chasing, chased, etc):

6.  A book with a means of transport in the title:

7.  A book with an object you might take on a search or hunt in the title:

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